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Real users’ reviews can tell a lot

Real users’ reviews can tell a lot

We always contact the support representatives to make sure that services actually work. We test all the ways to do it: phone calls, instant chat on the site, emails, etc. Our experts evaluate the quality of assistance and conclude that the support department can/cannot provide quality support and solve a member’s problem or problems.

Real members’ experience can show what the advantages or disadvantages of a site are. We always read comments and reviews, and not because we are going to blindly trust them � real feedback helps us understand what can happen in the community even before we join it. After all, reputation is the most important when it comes to dating or any other industry. Besides, it is also interesting to find out how the support team of the site responds to negative reviews � this tells a lot, too.

The interface of the website and mobile compatibility

At this stage, we test the navigation and evaluate the interface and the design. We also look for great mobile hookup sites because we realize that most members use such platforms on their smartphones and tablets. Firstly, we browse the site on the laptop. Then we visit it on all the smartphones and tablets by the most popular brands � on most Android devices, iOS devices, and even on Blackberry. We also try to find official mobile apps, upload and test them if they are available.

How To Choose The Best Hookup Site � Comprehensive Guide By HookupBro

A user needs to review hundreds of options and compare them considering many criteria.